Sign up for Events via Phone

To RSVP for events, you can call the Waterfront Park at (904) 621-8362. If the event requires you to pre-pay, you may use your Amenity Account  as long as you have ACH** or pre-pay with your credit card.

Call 621-8362 to RSVP.  If you leave a message, be sure to include:
  • Event name and date
  • Name(s) of attendees
  • Amenity Number
  • The amount which you would like to charge to your ACH account
  • Your name, address and phone number where you can be reached during office hours

If you're interested in setting up ACH, fill out and sign an ACH form and attach a voided check from a valid checking account (deposit slips are not accepted).

Please contact Waterfront Park at (904) 621-8362.



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