Volunteers Needed for VIPS Project

VIPS - Volunteers in Police Service

A VIPS program established by the Clay County Sheriff’s Office and supported by the CDD is being formed to patrol Eagle Harbor facilities and neighborhoods. Volunteers are needed. 

Initially the area patrolled will be Eagle Harbor north of 220 including  parks, docks, tennis, swim and golf facilities.  This program will supplement the Sheriff’s Patrols’ as well as the Neighborhood Watch and the Bike Patrol.

Two Golf carts provided by East West Partners and equipped by the Sheriff’s Office  will be used during day light hours.  Volunteers will be trained and qualified by the Sheriff’s VIP staff.  More information about the VIP program is available at www.claysheriff.com.

Please contact Bill Doolittle at 213-6062 or Walt Joba at 215-1199 for applications and more information.

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