Eagle Harbor HOA
All of Eagle Harbor north of
Hwy 220 and west of Hwy 17

Stone Creek HOA
Stone Creek Townhomes

Pine Lake Townhome HOA

Black Creek HOA

Town Center/East of 17 HOA
All other areas including
Pine Lake Residential

The Enclave HOA
The Enclave Condominiums

Cobblestone HOA
Cobblestone Condominiums

Home Owners’ Association (HOA) - Enforcement of Covenants and Restrictions.

EagleHarbor is comprised of six separate HOA’s. (See map below). Each HOA board is responsible for enforcing specific Covenant and Restrictions for their respective neighborhood(s). 

Covenant and Restrictions are enforced by three separate entities: HOA, ARC (Architectural Review Board) and the CDD (Community Development District).

  • The HOA is responsible for enforcement of ongoing residential concerns, generally items listed under Article V in the Covenants and Restrictions: lawn maintenance, nuisances, trash cans, etc.
  • The ARC is responsible for any improvements and/or changes made to the residence: additions, pools, play sets, etc
  • The CDD is responsible for all common areas: ponds/ lakes, tennis & golf, water parks, common docks & parks, etc.


Each homeowner should have received a copy of the Covenants and Restrictions from their agent and/or seller at the time of closing.  If you did not receive this document at closing, you should contact your closing agent and ask them to provide you with a copy of the document.  If you did not have a closing agent, you may contact your respective homeowners’ association or use the downloadable
links below.  Alternatively, all CCRs are available at http://clayclerk.com/oncoreweb42  - just enter the plat book and page number listed below.


Association Downloadable File Plat Book Page Number
Eagle Harbor Eagle Harbor CCRs 1461 896
Black Creek Black Creek CCRs 2265 2147
Pine Lake Pine Lake CCRs 2039 0466
Stone Creek Stone Creek CCRs 2393 312
Town Center Town Center CCRs 1690 0346
Enclave Enclave CCRs 2886 1926
Cobblestone Cobblestone CCRs 2864 25






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