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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Join your neighbors in taking a pro active step to keep our neighborhoods safe.  The residential Neighborhood Watch are made up of residents who volunteer their time to act as extra eyes and ears in the community.

For the residential Neighborhood Watch contact Dan Tarallo at

How does a Neighborhood Watch Work?

Each neighborhood consists of a neighborhood captain and several block captains.  The neighborhood captain is a liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the neighborhood.  He/she oversees the start up of the Neighborhood Watch in that subdivision and supports the block captains.   All volunteers attend an hour-long training session with a Sheriff's deputy. Once the neighborhood volunteers are trained and organized, a Neighborhood Watch sign will be placed at the neighborhood entrance.  If you are interested in volunteering for your neighborhood, please contact Dan Tarallo at ehneighborhoodwatch@hamptongolfclubs.com.

The Neighborhood Watch would like to introduce all the Neighborhood Watch Captains:

They are:

BRIDGEWATER                 Jane Bachtell

BROOKSTONE                  Cary Herold

CAPE MAY                      Mike Mellott

COMMODORE POINT          Marty Schnabel

COUNTRY WALK               Brian & Virginia Henry

COUNTRY WALK               Jeff & Jennifer Eaton

CYPRESS CREEK                Jim Dvorak

EAGLE CREEK                  Jim Dvorak

EAGLE COVE                   Elizabeth Jones

FAIRWAY RIDGE              Nina Beliewski

FIDDLER’S RIDGE             Angie Grospitch

FIDDLER’S RIDGE             Dawn Whittacker

HERON BAY                    Barbara Bennett

HERON BAY                    Robert & Celie Meadows

HOLMES LANDING            Gina Waterhouse

KEATON CHASE               Marty & Joyce Engelken

LAKEWAY                      Lee DiGiovanni

LINKSIDE                     Mary Holtcamp


PINE LAKES – TOWNHOMES      Karen Swinson

PINECREST                    Jack Fitzpatrick

RIVERTRACE                  Andrea Randall

ROLAND’S WAY               Rob & Christy Surgeoner

SALT CREEK                   Jim Dvorak

SANDY SPRINGS              Dave Walls

SHELTER COVE                David & Ginger Leinecker

SOUTH BROOK                Karla & Jim Ziegener

SPRING CREEK                Jim Dvorak

STONE CREEK                 Evelyn Gresham

STONE CREEK                 Barbara Cowart

SUNSET POINT               Bill McFarland

THE ENCLAVE                 Jim Wood

THE ENCLAVE                 Dom Bello

THE PRESERVE                Ron & Carole Kos

TIMBER WOODS              Frank & Joanne Letorre

WARD’S LANDING            Sandy Goldman & Nina Hemmelgarn

WATER CREST                Joy Campbell

WATERFORD LANDING      Chris & Kris Ravenscroft

These volunteers committed to the Neighborhood Watch, recruited the necessary volunteers and attended training with the Clay County Sheriff's Office.  Thanks to all of them and their residents for helping to keep our community safe and secure.

The following neighborhoods have not yet joined.

Daniel’s Landing

Eagle Watch

Harbor Lake

Hawk’s Nest

Lookout Landing

Players Club


Stoney Glen

Water’s Edge


If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch in your area, contact your Neighborhood Watch Coordinator at ehneighborhoodwatch@hamptongolfclubs.com.

Photos from National Night Out, August 2008




NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is easy to get involved in. All you need is a willingness to get involved in your community.

NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is concerned citizens taking positive steps to secure their own property, and neighbors providing extra “eyes and ears” to help the Sheriff’s Office by watching and reporting suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Office. Statistics show that areas with Active Neighborhood Watch programs enjoy a lower crime rate, with fewer instances of burglary and vandalism.

Things you can do:

o       Make your home and property less inviting targets for crime.

o       Lock your car; do not keep valuables in your car.

o       Keep your garage door closed at all times.

o       Keep valuables secure and off your yard.

o       Arrange for a home security inspection by the Sheriff’s Office to identify security vulnerabilities in

your home.

o       Mark your valuable property with an identifying number (Operation I.D.) or record serial numbers to

help law enforcement agencies identify and return lost or stolen property.

o      Become more aware of your neighbors normal activities. This will help you:

o       Identify suspicious activity.

o       Describe and report events, vehicles and persons that seam out of place.

o       Know when your neighbors are out-of-town or their house is vacant.

o       Contact the Sheriff’s Office @ 264-6512 if you have any questions or concerns.

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