1.  Registering
First-Time Registration
In order to register you will need your Amenity Number, also known as your Fun Card Number.  If you do not know your number, please send an email to Jane Hutton at jhutton@hampton.golf, or if it is urgent you can reach her at (904) 621-8363.

Register Screen
Please provide your Amenity Number, also known as your Fun Card Number and your Last Name. 

Please select your name.  If your name is not shown, do not be concerned.  One benefit of this registration process is to update the Web Site resident information database.  Just click on “My Name is NOT on this list” and proceed with registration.  If there are any other errors on the list, please email Erica Washkill at ewashkill@hamptongolfclubs.com.

User Name & Password
You will establish these when you register for the first time.  Your User Name will be your email address, and you will select your Password.

2. Navigating
Main Menu
To get an overview of the features and content of the Web Site, just “Hover” over each Main Menu item by holding the curser over each menu item.  You will see sub menu items.  Do the same thing by hovering over each sub menu item.  When no further sub menu items come up, just click on any menu item which interests you.  To check out another part of the Web Site, just click on another selection of the Main Menu.

The Community section contains a link to all of the documents on the web site including all of the photos, all CDD and HOA material (including meeting minutes, agendas, resolutions, rules, etc.),  ARC (Architecture Review Committee) guidelines, Club information including 55+, CERT, Neighborhood Watch, Water Cooler & VIPS, information on charging privileges, guidelines for Boats, RV’s and Golf Carts, a very extensive New Resident Information Package, material on gas, electric, trash and other Utilities, and local Maps & Directions.

News & Events
This section includes past and current “Eagle Harbor Living” Newsletters which you can click on and read.  The Upcoming Events section lists community events and activities for today, tomorrow, and the next several days.  This is the same list of events which you can view from the Calendar function.  Upcoming Meetings lists community meetings coming up including CDD meetings.

The Calendar shows all of the events and activities in the neighborhood for the current month.  In a similar manner to the Main Menu you can hover over each event to learn more about it.  Clicking on an event brings up the full page of information.

Swim & Recreation
This section covers the very active swim & aquatics program at Eagle Harbor.  The General Information includes a Map to the Pools, Information about the Staff, policies and party & rental information.  News & Upcoming Events covers the wide variety of cookouts, swimming for children, teen activities, bingo night, and many more.  Summer Camp includes Golf Camp & Summer Camp.  The Scream’n Eagles section has all of the summer swim team information including registration information, meet dates, practice times and more.  Also included are the Swim & Recreation photos and information on swim lessons.

This link takes you to Eagle Harbor golf information at the HamptonGolfClubs.com web site.  Hampton Golf is the company which manages the Eagle Harbor Golf Club.  To return to the EagleHarborOnline.com web site, just click on the back arrow at the top left section of your screen.

The Tennis section provides all of the information related to the very active Eagle Harbor tennis program.  The General Tennis information has hours & staff information on the Tennis Pro Shop link.  Clinics, Lessons, and Summer Academy provides a list of all of the teams & clinics for players of all ages, information on use of the Ball Machine, and the Tennis Summer Academy.  There is a link to the Tennis Photo Album, and a Groups & Teams page.

Find It
This is one of the most powerful sections of the Web Site.  With it you can locate any type of business closest to your home, check out any ads or specials, determine their hours/address/phone number and in many cases web site address, review the directions and look at the map with those directions.  And it is all on one Print It sheet which you can print and take with you.  Where else can you get all of that in one place?

Businesses are grouped according to categories you see on the new menu bar.  Move your curser over the various categories to select the one you want.  The local businesses are shown in order of those closest to your home.  Click NEXT to see the next list of businesses somewhat further away.  When you select a business, a Print It page will come up which has the business name, address, phone number, directions from your home, and the map showing the fastest route from your home.  In addition, many businesses will have coupons and other special offers.  Many will also show their web site address.

Just print this page and take it with you!

To return to the main part of the Web Site, click on “Main Menu” at the far left of the menu bar.

The Classified Ads (formerly Worth Avenue on the old web site) provides the opportunity for residents to advertise items for sale free of charge, and to purchase items from their neighbors also free of charge.  To search, just click on a category and you will see the list of items for sale.  To advertise an item for sale, click on “CREATE A NEW AD.”  Select the appropriate category, provide the title for the ad, price and contact information.  You may provide either your email address, phone number or both.  To include a picture of the item, click on Add/Edit Picture.  When the window pops up, Browse to find your picture (e.g. in My Documents/My Pictures).  Click on your picture, then click on Upload File.  In the Ad Body provide a complete description including brand name, age, condition, and any other relevant descriptive information.  Note that you can use the editing tools to make text bold, add color, bullets, etc.

This is a powerful online directory that gives you the ability to search for neighbors in examples such as the following:
- What is Sally’s last name who lives down the street?
- I met a person named Jeff at a party and would like to know his phone number.
- Where do Mike and Sally who were at our neighborhood meeting live?
Using the Directory is as easy as providing whatever information you know and checking out the results.  Searching is often more effective if you provide less information initially, and then add information to narrow it down.  Please read our Privacy Principles in the Footer Menu.  You will note that use of the Directory information for marketing purposes is strictly forbidden.  Also for privacy purposes we do not allow the user to print out more than one resident’s name, address & phone number.

3. Help & Footer Menu
Footer Menu
The Footer Menu at the bottom of the page has the following sections:
1. My Profile.  This shows your registration information.  You can edit this information as necessary, and you can set your election on what information you want to have displayed in the Directory.  This election will apply to both the online Directory, and to the printed directory also produced by Neighborhood Publications, Inc.

2. About Us.  This contains information about Neighborhood Publications, Inc., the publisher of this web site.

3. Privacy.  Neighborhood Publications, Inc. values your privacy and this section outlines the policies and procedures we have implemented to protect the privacy of every resident.

4. Advertising.  If you are interesting in posting ads on this or any other Neighborhood Publications, Inc.’s web sites, click on this menu item.

5. Help.  This section provides web site assistance to the user.

6. Contact Us.  This contains contact information should you need to contact Neighborhood Publications, Inc. for any reason.

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